Hereditary (2018)

HEREDITARY (2018) Directed by Ari Aster It’s that once or twice a year when mainstream critics embrace our beloved genre again. As such, expect prefixes like ‘intelligent’ or ‘psychological’ to feature heavily to disguise it’s […]



LOOKING GLASS (2018) Directed by Tim Hunter A couple grieving for the loss of their young daughter decide to make a fresh start by relocating and embarking on a new opportunity; owning and running a […]

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UK Release Date – TBC An anthology like this knows exactly where to aim for in both style and content, with a title that evokes lurid pulp magazines featuring fantasy and horror. The classic George […]


Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 Directed by David Leitch The inevitable sequel. Just like horror villains, studios won’t let a good comic book hero die. With this one being invincible, and a surefire box office hit, we could […]

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Dead List (2018)

Dead List is a Poundland Creepshow, that seems to rip off almost every horror film I can think of. From the seemingly pointless opener, opening credits, and final shot, there’s a bit of everything in […]

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UK Release Date – TBC Another week, another cheapo slasher film that wants to be John Carpenter or even Adam Wingard but hasn’t got the talent involved to even get close. With a tag-line like […]


4/20 MASSACRE (2018)

4/20 MASSACRE (2018) Written and Directed by Dylan Reynolds Five women decide to go camping in the woods for their friend’s birthday during the 20th April weekend but when they accidentally come into receivership of […]