THE HOUSEMAID (2016) Written and Directed by Derek Nguyen Set in the year 1953 in Vietnam, THE HOUSEMAID is a slow-burning, supernatural, romantic horror-thriller that follows the tale of Linh, a young woman desperately in […]


NEW WORLD (2013)

NEW WORLD (2013) aka Sinsegye Directed by Hoon-jung Park A police chief sets his sights on manipulating the outcome of the next-in-line to a criminal empire but could his meddling put at risk the lives […]

suntan film

SUNTAN (2016)

SUNTAN (2016) Directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos Greek and English Language with English Subtitles Doctor Kostis arrives on a Greek island to become the new doctor of the local surgery. Usually keeping himself to himself, he […]