The Hidden (1987)

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The Hidden is a cross between Men in Black, The Thing and The Terminator. Not only has it one of the most exciting and fun starts to a flick in cinema history but it has a truly horrible and deadly villain and Claudia Christian walking about in next to nothing.

The credits open with footage of a security bank camera and a messy attempted robbery. This spills out onto the street and a high speed car chase ensues. The result is the guilty party getting shot to bits by the police. Unfortunately this is no ordinary member of the public but a parasitic alien that jumps from host to host with an eye for fast cars, loud music, heavy weaponry and the job of senator and beyond.

Michael Nouri is the cop and ‘good guy’ in hot pursuit with the help of FBI Agent (or is he?), Kyle McLachlan. They are always one step behind this not so friendly extra terrestrial as it carves a path of destruction through the city.
This is a fantastic horror/ actioner with explosive set-pieces and a bitter sweet conclusion. It is incredibly violent with a high body count (including the disabled and animals). This is by no means oscar nomination material but I love it and so will you.

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