Squeal (2008) by Dj Vivace

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The clue is in the title, yes you will squeal watching this, but you will squeal at how incredibly bad this is. Genetic experiments have gone bad, and a so-called family of pig-men-mutants live out in the country and like to feed on humans. An unlucky bunch of band members crash on a country road, argue amongst themselves and then one group bugger off to find help. This leaves one guy and two girls, and just as they’re about to get down to it, Pig-Face turns up and spoils the fun and takes them captive. They’re held in farm cages, and the threat of violence, torture and sexualised bullying linger, and linger and linger. Soon the rest of the group are also caught and the entire band can now reunite as captives.

The two Pig-Men and Pig-Woman love the fact they have these people caged, but nothing ever really happens. There is an awful lot of screaming, banging on cages and grunting by the mini Pig-Man, also big Pig-Man likes to sort of roar and have sex with Mrs Pig-Woman. As you can probably tell, I am being sarcastic as that’s all this great big pile of pig shit is worth. It’s shameful, embarrassing and cringe worthy to watch. You will find yourself crying out for violence and some kind of nudity as the promise is always there, it just doesn’t deliver. Instead we get lots of over the top screaming at nothing, and pig people who just look silly. The film even tries to be clever with a one on one fight between band member and Pig-Man which looks even more staged than professional wrestling and just goes on and on and on. Boring, crap and the sort of rubbish that brings the horror genre down to its lowest possible levels and makes the whole thought of horror a joke. How dare a film do that with such ease and perfection.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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