Animals (2008)

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HA!!!! Know what we have here? A horror starring Naveen Andrews, i’m sure you will all know him better as Sayed from Lost. He plays a strange man who can transform into an animal and uses his transforming girlfriend to seduce his prey  Sayed, sorry, Naveen actually looks lost and uncomfortable but he does add some fun to this daft but enjoyable horror. Basically, Naveens girlfriend has had enough of him pushing her into situations she doesn’t like and she leaves him and shacks up with local bar brawler Jarrett. Queue lots and lots of sex scenes, they literally get it on like Animals  and we are blessed with them having sex every five to ten minutes, and I must sound like a right old perv today, but she is quite the looker. Played by Nicki Aycox, she has no problem getting them out  Naveen Andrews turns up, all angry and upset and wants his woman back, trouble is, his woman bit her new brawling boyfriend and he too is now an Animal. The stage is set now a showdown of epic proportions and three terribly computer generated animals battle it out. The highlight has to be when Naveen gets really mad and runs after his ex-girlfriend, screaming her name “NORA!!!!!!” the camera shakes for impact, it’s out of sync, and he kind of spasms as he shouts it  Another stupid horror, but made all the more better by the inclusion of a damn fit looking lady, always helps!

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


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