Shock Labyrinth 3D (2009) by Pazuzu

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OK, so I didn’t actually watch this in 3D but I could see where the 3D scenes were, and honestly they didn’t look all that good so thankfully it would seem I didn’t miss much. This so called Japanese shocker failed to shock and failed badly from a miserable final half. The first half actually shows promise as it builds up its story and tension. A group of friends visited a theme park when they were kids, and they all enter a horror themed labyrinth. One of the friends films the whole experience, but things go wrong. One of the group gets separated as things turn a little too creepy, and they all run off leaving this friend behind. Please don’t ask me to remember names here, but the friend who is left behind is presumed dead as she is literally dragged through a wall!

Many years later the lost friend turns up as the original group are having a bit of a reunion. In shock, the group panic but try to comfort her, however one thing leads to another and she falls down some stairs and they are forced to take her to hospital. Strangely enough, the hospital hang up the phone, but the group head there anyway. On arrival, no one is around and things take a turn for the worse as the hospital mutates into the labyrinth from the theme park. It’s a good set up, and the hospital is very creepy indeed. The group are the usual bunch, nothing special and you won’t really warm to anyone. Things go steadily downhill once in the hospital as the 3D is used and silly set pieces come along one after the other. A boring moral message about friendship hinders any real scares, and suddenly the cast all want to over-act. After such an intriguing and interesting setup, it’s a shame that things just end up as your usual horror with daft effects and a cast trying too hard to be scared.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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