By Ross Hughes

 It seems the 24 Movie has the same life as its character Jack Bauer, in which when its nearly at death’s door and when finally looks like its to be put out of its own misery, it rises to fight back.

Just when all Bauer fans were fearing the worst, with FOX all set to drop interest from their once treasured franchise, in a sudden twist, the show’s leading star Kiefer Sutherland has announced a release date for the movie.

24 was a phenomenal TV show that aired for nearly 8 years in which in saw Counter Terrorist Agent Jack Bauer fight a horde of enemies in the space of 24 hours.  Filmed in real time, the show became a global worldwide smash with the first five seasons judged to be one of the best American Television has ever produced. 

It was the alarmingly awful sixth season that started to put the nail in the coffin, a plot that just rehashed everything that went on before, losing its spark and originality, its that season that all fans detest the most and while it run for a further two more, and the quality rising again, the show never actually recovered.

But the character of Jack Bauer is too strong for it be ignored and recently there were strong rumours of a Die Hard/24 crossover film with Jack and John McClane fighting side by side.  It seems though that today that has been put to bed with Sutherland announcing the movie version to be released in the summer of 2012.

No word of any plot or returning characters and how they can fit the whole 24 hour angle in a 90 minute film.  While I be glad of to see Jack Back, I remain not excited by this.  24 is a show that was once a highly charged addiction ride, but the last seasons left a sour taste in my mouth.

They need to come up with something really new and exciting to get my juices flowing, and I await with eager breath to give you further news on this development…

As they say, the clock is ticking!!!!!!!

Ross Hughes
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