At The Mountains of Madness Stuck In Limbo

Guillermo Del Toro

Horror and Lovecraft fans, look away now!

News has broke that the long awaited ‘At The Mountains of Madness’ shoot will not be happening this Summer, after Universal refused to entertain the project. It appears the concern of the studio is that the film will be staying loyal to the book and will carry an adult R rating, or an 18 certificate to us Brits. This in turn will limit it’s viewability by the cinema going public and potentially less profit.
Despite big names being involved, with director, Guillermo del Toro, and producer, James Cameron, as well as Tom Cruise lined up for the lead, Universal aren’t up for it, which is a damn shame as I, along with many other true horror and Lovecraft fans, are desperately seeking a brilliant masterpiece like this put to screen.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little while longer…..

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  1. This is a real shame. Although there’s been the comic Reanimator, and Necronomicon, Lovecraft has mostly inspired some great films [In The Mouth Of Madness] but not actually succeeded in being adapted well. Lovecraft was a brilliant writer whose world could make for some great films, and Del Toro seemed perfect as a director. O well………….

  2. Y’know it’s a damn shame that Del Toro hasn’t had the chance to present us with another masterpiece (been a while since HELLBOY II…) and having personally met the man himself (Yes. I’m boasting.) I like him a lot, he has a true passion for fantastic cinema.

    • It’s a damn shame this is being held back. Good on Del Toro for keeping close to the book, if the film has to be an 8 then let it be. I’m sick of all these films by big studios playing it safe to get the more welcomed 15 certificate, it druves me round the bend! Go for it Del Toro, stick to your guns and get someone else to release it for you, thats what i say. My excitement for this film is becoming painful! 🙂

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