Brand new pictures from Scream 4 surface!

Whether you believe Scream 4 will be a hit or not, there is no denying it will be one of the biggest horrors of the year and horror fans will simply not be able to escape it! Many say the original Scream is bordering on genius, and helped breathe fresh new life into horror, while there are others who feel strongly that Scream killed horror by making it far too accesible and commercial. Whatever side of the fence you stand on, Scream 4 is without doubt going to do big things for horror this tear, like it or not.

Four new pictures have surfaced at Bloody Disgusting yesterday, so i feel it only right that i share them with you here. The film is due for release April 15th, thats only two weeks away dear readers so you’d better get used to it! In case you have been living on the Moon for the past year, ohave just woke up from hibernation, i shall share the plot with you, just so you are fully aware of what is happening over at Woodsboro.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is now a successful writer and ten years after leaving Woodsboro, she returns to make her final stop on her tour of her latest self-help book. She reunites with Sherriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courtney Cox), who are now happily married, as well as some other familiar faces. Unfortunatley, Sidney’s return also brings back an unwelcome character, that of Ghostface himself! Oooh, spooky! Anyway, murder and death will clearly follow in the same manner as it has done in the previous three, only this time Craven is promising good things. Well, he needs to seriously make up for the dreadful My Soul To Take, so lets hope Scream 4 lives up to the expectation.

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