Psych 9 (2010) by Matt Wavish (Pazuzu)

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The idea of a possibly haunted hospital and a fragile woman losing her mind got me all excited about this new horror, so did it live up to my expectations? Well, here’s the plot: Roslyn (Sara Foster) has a troubled past involving an abusive Father and her marriage is in a right state. She takes a night job at a local, closed down hospital to help pass the time instead of sitting on her ass at home chain smoking cigarettes. At home her and her unfortunate husband Cole (Gabriel Mann) don’t really see eye to eye anymore and i found the whole situation uncomfortable and rather annoying to watch. Roslyn barely breaks a smile throughout the entire film; she is right stroppy and has no time for her husband, accusing him of drinking too much and being a bit of a waste of space. Cole is trying to bring in money driving a taxi but business is slow. You could say they’re in an unfortunate situation, I just say they’re both moody, stroppy and irritating to watch, especially Roslyn.


They spend most of the time at home arguing, and when Cole does make an effort to make a special meal and have a romantic night it, it backfires as Roslyn see’s ghostly images just as they’re about to get down to it. Cole storms out, and I for one don’t blame him. He is really trying to support his wife but she’s not interested and would rather wallow in her own problems. A dark past and the added issue that she can’t have kids have caused her all sorts of mental issues and so she gets all worked up now and again and starts writing on the walls of their home “I want my child”. Yes, nice girl! While at the hospital she clears up old papers after a friend helped her get the job, but while there she is having secret appointments with the hospitals Dr and psychiatrist, Dr Irvin Clement (Cary Elwes). Cole does become a bit jealous, turning up one night demanding to see him. Cole’s temper has also made his untrusting wife suspicious of him…


There is a serial killer on the loose, hunting blonde haired women in brutal fashion and out of the blue Cole is blamed by his so-called loving wife. The bitch even rings the police and the only evidence she has is that Cole was out late one night doing his taxi stuff, but has nothing logged in his taxi log book. I would have left the cow long before it got to this stage! The hospital becomes her sanctuary, even though it is full of dark corridors and strange goings on, like strange things appearing in the CCTV. To be honest I got incredibly bored very quick and never really got in to the film. It just plodded along and I just could not stand watching Roslyn’s stupid, sulky face anymore, but I stuck it out till the end, a bad move. This film is boredom personified, with a silly, stupid and obvious twist in the tale which you could probably guess just by reading this review (sorry about that). This film stinks, it tries to be clever, it tries to build a story and create mystery and tension, it tries to get you involved with the characters and it tries to pull off a mega “didn’t see that one coming” twist at the end. It fails on all counts, utter nonsense. This film is based in a hospital, and if you watch it you just might end up in hospital, in a coma induced state of boredom, losing the will to live. Hell, this film just might have to come with a health warning on the box stating “dangerous to your health, may make you want to kill yourself, or could put you in a coma”.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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