Tobe Hooper returns!!!

We haven’t heard much from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre director since 2005’s mediocre Mortuary, but news has just been announced of his return to horror. Hooper is set to make a new horror which he promises will scare everybody as it’s subject matter is universally well known and feared. Hoopers new film will be filmed on location in the United Arab Emirates and will tell the story of a couple who move in to a posh, newly built apartment block. Trouble is, the new building has been erected over an abandoned fishing village which is home to a group of nasty Djinn who unleash terror beyond your worst nightmares!

In a statement Hooper said “The horror genre speaks an international language and i am so pleased to be involved in a project with Imagenation (films) that will transcend cultures and borders. Simply put, this movie will scare everyone, no matter where you live or what you believe in!”. Excited? Damn right we’re excited. With all the old horror faces still making movies, or making returns like Sam Raimi, Joe Dante and John Carpenter, it’s nice to see Hooper still has a taste for it too. The film is in pre-production, so no news yet of a release date for Djinn.

(source: Empire)

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