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It seems that Kate Bosworth is set to be cast in the role has Lori in the new re-do of Total Recall, a role that originally starred Sharon Stone.  The former Lois Lane is currently reading for the part after it was reported that Diane Kruger had pulled out from the role.


With Colin Farrell already cast in the Arnie role, Sony Pictures are working fast to get this new adaption onto the big screen with Die Hard 4.0 Len Wiseman at the helm and Neal Moritz producing.


The original was a blockbuster hit that saw Arnold Schwarzenegger play a married construction worker Doug Quaid who always dreamt of visiting Mars.  He undergoes a treatment to give him false memories that makes him live the dream but doing the operation it seems that he has already been through the procedure before, and Doug is more than just a mild mannered quiet man.  Soon he is being chased, everything around him is a lie, and then finds himself on the red planet where he encounters the truth……or does he?

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