Bollywood goes supernatural with Ragini MMS, check out the trailer here.


The general rule of Bollywood is to appeal to a mass audience, and so violence and nudity is usually kept to a minimum, or at least it’s done tastefully as not to offend. Controversy has sparked then, over iRock Entertianment’s plans to take things a little darker and actually make the first ‘proper’ scary horror film. India has tried their hand at horror in the past, and failed. However, here we can see clear influences of Paranormal Activity and the current trend of the handheld camera, so it’s clear that they want to grab a piece of the action and get in on the genre we all hold so close to our hearts.

Director and producer Ekta Kapoor is leading the charge with the first of a number of planned horrors this year. Ragini MMS looks like it tells the simple tale of a couple who go away for a ‘dirty weekend’ and end up spooked by ghosts. Supposedly the film has been re-edited because it wasn’t sexy enough, which just goes to prove that iRock Entertainment mean business as sex in film s in Bollywood is normally a no go zone (well, for the major films anyway).

Ragini MMS is due in Indian theatres May 13th so expect a straight-to-dvd release here in the UK sometime after that. The second film lined up in this new horror craze is the suspiciously titled ‘Shaadi of the Dead’. I smell a rip off…

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