Canadian serial killer flick The Killing Games looks wonderfully depraved!


Ok, so it doesn’t look like the best produced or acted film ever made, in fact it looks fairly cheap and tacky, but damn it’s heart looks to be in the right place. That wonderful voiceover on the trailer, the same scene shown about three times, everyone doing their absolute best to look nasty or scared, it looks over the top and gloriously hideous in places and watching the trailer made me feel like i was watching a trailer for a proper Video Nasty from back in the day!

Canadian director Barry J. Gillis presents to us The Killing Games, a film based on actual events that became known as the ‘Twitchell Murder Case’, no? Me neiter, never heard of it, but it looks good. The character in question is Mark Twitchell, an amateur filmmaker who one day goes a bit off the rails and starts killing. It’s hard to tell from the trailer just how many killers are in this film as they all look a right nasty bunch, but sadly that is all i can tell you.

Rumour is you will need a strong stomach and it is not recommended for people faint of heart, or eho are eaily offended. Can’t go wrong with that now, can we?

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