Cerina Vincent to star in Steven R Monroe’s Hole in the Desert

Steven R Monroe finally made it big last year with his superb remake of I Spit on Your Grave, and he is back with a new film which sounds slightly familiar, however he says it is nothing like his remake. Cerina Vincent, who starred as Marcy in Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever has been cast to star in Monroe’s latest, called Hole in the Desert.

Monroe directs, writes and produces hos latest flick, with shooting set to begin in June. A man named Reagan Tyler has had premonitions that lead him to a small desert town. Once there he meets Monika (Vincent) and she turns out to actually be the ghost of a murder victim, and she asks for Reagan’s help in getting her vengeance on the people who murdered her and her younger sister.

Monroe had this to say:

“All involved are very excited that we are doing this film. For me to have the opportunity to write and direct, and then on top of that be a producer, makes it all that much better. Though it was also a great project, this film is very different from I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. This film is a departure from what people know of [Vincent], and I am confident that she will be awesome.”

And Cerina said this:

“I am just thrilled to be a part of this.It’s truly an honor to work with director Steven R. Monroe again. His script is incredible—it’s got wit, edge and depth. His vision for this will make for an edgy, sexy, suspenseful ride with moments of tenderness and some intense violence.”

The plan is to have the film finished by September.

By Matt Wavish

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