By Ross Hughes

CHROMESKULL:Laid To Rest 2 is coming to DVD this year and Danielle Harris who is the new scream queen for the new generation has joined the cast!  The HALLOWEEN babe joins a cast that includes Brian Austin Green, Thomas Dekker and Amiee Lynn Chadwick even though Michael Biehn as stepped away from the project having starred in the original

Laid To Rest which was  a massive hit on DVD back in 2009 had a cool looking killer (see below) that won over the hard core element of the Slash brigade and a clamour for a sequel as been gathering.  We at HCF understand that the film will carry on three months after the events of the first, with Chromeskull returning from the grave and setting his sights on a new girl Jess (Mimi Michaels).

With original writer and director Robert Hall returning, this is what he had to say.  “You can’t really make a Laid to Rest movie and not have the best gore effects. We’re doubling the carnage and doubling the fun. I know we raised the bar on the last one, but people have no idea what’s in store in that department for the sequel – it’s the original and THEN SOME. I’m so happy to have such a stellar cast involved, and I think Kevin and I have come up with a cool way to bring Chromey back without going all nutty and breaking our own rules.”

We try to get a teaser trailer up for you by the weekend!

 (The new freaky looking killer in a Pinehead pose!)


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