Danielle Harris possibly back for Hatchet 3?


It would seem that Hatchet 3 is, at the moment, all speculation and excitement amongst fans and nothing, as yet, is set in stone. Hatchet creator Adam Green has toyed with us on the possibility of writing the script for the third movie in the series, however with work on his latest films, he just doesn’t have the time to direct the latest instalment anytime soon. He has, on the other hand, offered to produce.

However, Danielle Harris has said different. She claims Green HAS wrote a script, and that she has been asked to return as Marybeth to face Victor Crowley again. Either way, it would seem like Hatchet 3 will go ahead in some way or another, but who will sign on to direct nobody knows. Danielle Harris has shown a lot of enthusiasm to reprise her role, so that’s promising.

Whatever happens, Green will no doubt be heavily involved on the film, but as he said in an interview with Bloody Disgusting, he is too involved with his latest films, The Killer Pizza and another film which has not been announced yet. To add to the misery for Hatchet fans, the production company behind the franchise, ArieScope, is also busy putting the finishing touches of Chillerama and also need to wrap up a number of side projects first. So, basically, Hatchet 3 will happen, you just might need to wait a while!

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