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Remember the date, its 30/04/2011 and I have just witnessed probably the best cliff hanger ever shown on British TV!

If you have not seen the new episode of Doctor Who yet then do not read because you may be a bit annoyed of the spoiler that is coming, I mean how can I not review this latest episode without even talking about that climax, that last three minutes which shook my household to its core, a stunning image that left me breathless and still shaking my head!  How good was it?  Well the Internet is in meltdown with one Doctor Who site crashing under the demand for fans to talk!

Let’s put into motion what just happened!  I mean I said in my recent Hacked To Pieces that last week’s opener to the series went straight over head!  I thought it was way too clever for its own good with too many questions and not enough answers, well forgive me, I was totally wrong!  What we are witnessing is a huge Sci-Fi mystery that even puts LOST to shame!  What is going on is hard to tell, the theories that I have witnessed and read in the last few minutes are crazy but I would not argue with anyone who has come up with these.  They all could be right and the only thing I know for certain is that the person in charge of the show Stephan Moffat is a genius and only he knows what is inside his head and the plan that is now being followed!

Last week the show ended with Amy Pond pulling the trigger of a gun at a little girl who was trapped in a spacesuit!  The Dr screamed out “Noooooooooo!” and we were left with a tasty cliff-hanger!  This week I think most fans expected the episode to carry on this week but no, Moffat decided to start in a mid-point of a story in which confused us all!  It was a few months later, Amy was running from the army, the Doctor was being held prisoner and nothing but mass confusion swamped my mind!  What was going I cried? But I was not going to get any answers; instead even more mysterious plots lingered all over the place.  To novices of the genre, they would claim the story was everywhere and made no sense, fans of all Sci-Fi and most notably the film Memento would know that something was in the air!

What though would come in the last few minutes!

As always and I will not spoil it so how he did is not going to be revealed here in case for those who are still reading this but still want to watch it, but the Doc somehow managed to defeat The Silence but even then he turned to the his assistants and muttered all the answered questions like:

: What happened in those missing three months?

: Is Amy pregnant or not, the scan the Doc did unknown to her revealed two results, how was that possible, does it suggest two timelines?

: Who was in the Spacesuit that killed the Doctor in last week’s episode?

: Why does last season’s The Lodger episode seem so important?

: Who is the eye-patch lady!

: Why did River seem so shocked when the Doctor revealed that the kiss was their first!

: Where does that Astronaut fit into all this?

: Why did the Doctor send and old Delaware to that picnic and not the young version?

Oh I could really fill an entire page after page of so many mystiques but one question that needs to be answered is:

: How can Moffat fill up so many plots in only a 45 minute running time!

Of course though just when we thought nothing more can shock us, and then we come to the climax, the young girl who climbed out of the Spacesuit walks up a tramp saying that she is dying!  The tramp looks at her with puzzlement, she smiles and says everything will be alright because she can do this…..and right in front of our eyes she starts to regenerate and a million fans shouted


And with that we now have to wait while the Doc, Amy and Rory all go on the typical single episodes starting with next week’s Pirates on the Tardis with no Jack Sparrow in sight!  Leaving us fans high and dry and waiting for the mysterious to be resolved!  I have never been this excited since a certain plane crashed on an Island, and shame on me for doubting this marvelous piece of TV gold!

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