By Ross Hughes

Early word is coming from over the shores that Scream 4 is on target to make at least £45 mil on opening weekend! 

Word of mouth is generating a massive feel good factor towards the new re-boot with the film becoming the main tweets on Twitter and the Facebook website which is the offical voice of all things Ghostface has generated a stunning 18000 new fans since the film’s release!

Despite a brief negativity within some critics, the fans are lapping up the return to Woodsboro and its on course to even beat the opening turn out for the critically acclaimed first sequel!

With HCF given the film four stars, and with our local cinema packed to the quarters, it does feel like 1996 again, but I will await until the offical figures are released on Monday until I get excited!  It does seem though that a fifth Scream is now virtually possible, with Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson all wanting to do one….including those who survived the bloodbath!

If this persitant rumours are true that the film is doing well, expect Scream 5 to be steam-rolled into the cinema by late next year, and while I know who has been signed up for the 5th part, I will not say in fear for those who have not watched the fourth yet!

Where the story goes from here is another puzzle though which even I can not answer!

Ross Hughes
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