First trailer for TBK: Toolbox Murders 2 has arrived


TBK, or The Toolbox Killer follows on directly from the events of Tobe Hooper’s dark and gruesome remake from 2003. The film, directed by Dean Jones, who worked on the special effects on Hooper’s version, will follow the killer and his nasty experiments on a young girl.

The girl in question has just been contacted by detectives over the murder of her sister. Wanting to question the girl, the detectives arrive at her home only to find she has been kidnapped. The Toolbox Killer got her, and has taken her to an abandoned warehouse where he intends to put her through vicious punishment and violent mind games in order to break her down so that she comes to rely on him.

As if torturing the poor girl isn’t enough, the killer starts bringing girls home and murdering them in front of his captive. Yep, sounds like a film with a guaranteed happy ending, perfect family entertainment!

This will be Dean Jones’ first time behind the camera, and joining him are his cast including Brian Krause, Bruce Dern,Ethan Phillips, Chauntal Lewis and Allison Kyler. The film has wrapped up filming, so all we need to do now is wait for a release date, and we her at Horror Cult Films will share that with you, because we’re nice like that!

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