Hanna: New clips show she is not to be messed with, “oh… my…”



While searching around for a different, brand new Hanna clip which has just surfaced, I found these two clips that I am ashamed to say I have not posted on here yet! Looking like a sort of Kick-Ass meets Bourne, Hanna is due in UK cinemas next Friday (May 6th) and looks pretty damned good.

Hanna is a 16 year old girl who used to be pretty normal, until her Father decided it was time she learnt the same trade as him, to be an assassin. Hanna is played by Saoirse Ronan, while her Father Erik is played by none other than Eric Bana. A trained killer and master at the deadly arts of being an assassin, Hanna is kidnapped by Marissa (Cate Blanchett sporting a thick Russian accent). As a deadly game of cat and mouse follows, Erik returns from retirement to get his daughter back, and his daughter has embarked on her own mission as she tries to evade capture again and draws ever closer to her target.

Hanna, directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, The Soloist) looks set to follow in the great tradition of assassin movies and has been on the receiving end of some very promising early word of mouth.

By Matt Wavish

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