Hara Kiri: Death of a Samurai, Takashi Miike’s latest gets a teaser trailer


Honestly, just how does he do it?? No sooner has 13 Assassins been released and already there is a brand new Takashi Miike film about to debut at Cannes. I swear, the guys has made more films than some people have had hot dinners!!  This is the first 3D film to grace the screens at Cannes, and is actually a remake of a 1962 film of the same name.

In the original film, Samurai have been forced out of work and into poverty on the streets. Hara-Kiri is a ritual suicide involving disembowelment which is looked upon as an honourable way to go in the ways of the Samurai. An elder warrior asks to be let in to the house of the feudal Lord in order to perform the suicide, however he learns of how his son-in-law went to do the same thing, only to be forced to perform the ritual not with a samurai blade, but with a bamboo blade, an option which would cause unbelievable pain. We learn the son-in-laws story through flashback, before the elder Samurai plots his revenge.

I am positive Miike will do wonders with this film. It is set to play at Cannes, and the release date for Japan is October 8th 2011. No news of a UK release as yet.

By Matt Wavish

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