Insidious: The most profitable film of the year already!!

While Scream 4 got the horror world in a bit of a panic with it’s disastrous run at the box office, Insidious opened up in America to a much more well received start to it’s theatrical run. Whereas Scream 4 did so badly the thought of the planned two sequels now seem to be just that, a thought, Insidious is looking like it may spawn a whole new franchise.

Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell made Insidious on a micro budget of just $1 million, but the film has already made a staggering $45 million, and that is just in the US alone. Insidious has yet to show in South America and the film makes its highly anticipated UK cinema debut tomorrow, and so based on these factors, the idea is that the creepy horror should make around $150 million once opened worldwide. Pretty impressive, and it would seem that horror manages this trend of low budget money spinners better than any other genre. Just look at films like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Ringu. See, thats the beauty of horror, you don’t necessarily need big budget effects or big name actors, just a skill to know when to scare people, and a good and imaginative idea. As with the previously mentioned low budget films, and what generally seems an unwritten rule in horror, if the first is successful then bang out a sequel almost instantly. And that is what might happen with Insidious.

Anyway, for those who dod not know, Insidious is a creepy supernatural horror about a family and their troubles with their young son. After going into an almost coma like state, he is looked after in the hospital until he ‘comes back’, Once he does, he heads home, onyl it would seem that wherever it was he went, he has brought something back with him and shocking events take place, forcing the family to move house to get away from this evil spirit. The spirit follows…

Should be a great scarefest, catch it in UK cinemas from tomorrow and expect a review on this very site over the weekend.


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