Latest JJ Abrams project is yet another mystery

With the release of his latest film, Super 8 due to hit the UK August 8th, JJ Abrams is already in talks to begin work on his next project. Having already signed up as producer on Star Trek 2 and Cloverfield 2, the man is very busy indeed. No word as yet as to weather he will produce, rite or direct, but his latest project Zanbato is yet another brain teaser.

Abrams has hired Fringe executive producers Monica Breen and Alison Schapker to work on the project and write a script based on an idea he has come up with.  Described as ‘swashbuckling robots with swords’, the film will be using Japanese history and robotics, and will undoubtedly be a Sci-fi.

The word Zanbato translated in Japanese means ‘Horse-slaying sword’, this is because in feudal Japan, warriors were able to use these giant swords which would be able to take down both the horse and it’s rider in one swing! Sounds pretty interesting, but sadly that is all the details I can find for you.

However, with this being a JJ Abrams project, I am sure the film itself will be brilliant, and expect a bizarre campaign of advertising to begin at some point this year!

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