Poster revealed for Joe Dante’s latest movie, Monster Love

After taking a breather from his beloved, ‘family friendly-ish’ horror and directing a couple of forgettable children’s films like Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Small Soldiers, Dante made a bit of a comeback last year with the brilliant but largely mis-judged The Hole. A bit too scary for youngsters, and today’s gore hungry horror fans ignoring it, it was up to fans who were ‘getting on a bit’ to really enjoy it, the people who remembered the 80’s horrors, especially Dante’s excellent Gremlins 1 and 2 and The Howling. Dante is back with another stab at the horror genre, but again this looks a bit of fun with plenty of comedy thrown in.

Monster Love is the story of a relationship between a female vampire and a male werewolf, and the relationship has caused a rift between the two clans and bodies start piling up. Pete is the leader of the wolf pack, and after being dumped by his girlfriend he heads out to the park no a night when the moon is full and his wolf friends bet him to run through the park naked. As they all transform into werewolves, a sex vampire also walks into the park ready to commit suicide. Her name is Maggie, and when her eyes meet Pete’s wolf eyes, they fall in love.

Waking the next day in the park in the arms of a naked Pete, she couldn’t be happier and the two begin a relationship which upsets Pete’s pack of rugged werewolves and Maggie upper-crust Vampire clan. Please try and get the awful Twilight out of your minds, this is a Joe Dante film and will be about having a bit of fun with the story, none of this moody bullshit!

By Matt Wavish

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