Priest clip shows Maggie Q showing off her skills


Granted we’re a bit late with this clip, but if you haven’t already seen it, then please enjoy! Here we see Maggie Q as the Warrior Priestess battling the enemy and brandishing some pretty cool looking weapons. The look and feel of an apocalyptic future is also very strong in the design, so I am expecting great things from Priest when it hits UK cinema’s May 6th.

Paul Bettany plays a former warrior ‘Priest’ who were involved in battling evil vampires and keeping the peace. Years later the Priests have been ordered back into humanity and the war between Priest and Vampire has stopped. That is, until Paul Bettany’s niece is kidnapped by Vampires.  He heads off on a mission to get her back, against the orders of the Church. Taking Maggie Q’S Warrior Priestess and his niece’s trigger happy boyfriend with him, they embark on a dangerous mission across baron wasteland’s and vampire territories.

Other clips are going around at the moment, so as soon as I find another,  I shall share it here.

By Matt Wavish

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