Remake of Japanese horror ‘Apartment 1303’ has a rather creepy poster, have a look for yourself!

The Japanese horror Apartment 1303 is getting the usual US remake treatment, and just to bring it bang up to date, it will be released in 3D. Remembering the original, I reckon, if they do it right, the 3D will do wonders to the film, but like I said, if they do it right.

The Japanese film took it’s influences from other Asian horrors and had the ideas of classic like Ringu and The Grudge all over it, even down to the crazy possessed hair which in Apartment 1303 takes it to a whole new level. The film tells the story of Mariko, her sister has recently rented a flat and has a house warming party. At the party, something happens which causes her to commit suicide by jumping off her balcony, and in turn, this sends their Mother insane. Mariko learns that her sister is not the only person to have flung herself off the balcony and to her death and so decides to investigate. Being an Aisan horror, the investigation leads to ghosts, curses and all manor of spooky goings on. The Japanese version was actually quite good.

And so to the US version…  It follows the same plot with Mischa Barton playing the lead female role. She will be supported by Rebecca DeMornay (making a bit of a comeback with this and Mother’s Day both this year!), John Diehl, Julianne Michelle and Robert Blanche. Here at HCF we will update you as soon as we know a release date.

Oh, and here is the spooky poster as promised…

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