Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem: plot details revealed

The news of a new Rob Zombie film sometime last year had me so excited I could barely contain myself! Now, with news of the plot details, I am close to exploding. There are many who did not appreciate Zombie’s version of Halloween 1 and 2, personally, I adored them. Don’t get me wrong, the original Halloween is still and always will be one of the finest horror movies ever made, but there is something to be said about Zombie’s style and sheer love of all things horrible and nasty. The man just loves his violence in his films, but he  delivers it with such brilliant style and sickening joy. The prospect of his new film, The Lords of Salem, has just go me far too excited.

Salem is a town where 300 years ago townsfolk were rounded up and accused of being witches. They were tortured and murdered by The Lords of Salem who ran the town with fear and brutality. Four witches were murdered in secrecy, but swore to come back from the dead and have their revenge. Now, 300 years later, thy just might get their chance as a local DJ mistakenly unleashes a curse on the town of Salem.

Sounds like another excuse for Zombies to bring the pain!!! The film starts shooting in May and is being released by Haunted Pictures, with Oren Peli, Jason Blum and Steven Schneider will produce alongside Zombie regulars, Andy Gould and Brian Kavanaugh Jones.

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