Schwarzenegger WILL be back!

Seriously now, who doesn’t love Arnie, and who cannot wait to see him back infront of the camera. I for one cannot wait a minute longer for Arnie’s return, and it is coming I tell ya! A cartoon called The Governator is already in the works, but its Arnie’s actual presence in movies everyone’s waitnig for and here is the latest on what is in the pipeline.

It sounds like the war movie With Wings Are Eagles could well be a definite now, but Arnie now as a serious choice to make over two more films. The first being the big budget action/sci-fi The Tomb. Sounding very much like an Arnie film, The Tomb is about a high-tech prison desginer who has to escape one of maximum security prisons after being framed for a crime he did not commit. Director Antoine Fuqua is going to direct, and had originally hoped for Bruce Willis to play the role, but supposedly the film is now Arnie’s for the taking.

The second film is an altogether more bizarre tale that would really benefit from Arnie’s addition. South Korean director Kim Jee-Wood, who brought us I Saw the Devil and The Good, the Bad and the Weird, plans to make his Hollywood debut with The Last Stand. The film is about a small-town sherriff and his inexperienced crew chasing fugitive Mexican cartel boss in a stolen 200mphGumpert Apollo. Liam Neeson was approached for the role but turned it down, and now talks are in place to get Arnie on board.

Either way, it’ll be good to have the Austrian Oak back, and here is a picture from his glory days, as a gentle reminder that Arnie is, and always will be, a legend!

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