By Ross Hughes 

If you have read my Hacked To Pieces column then you will already know, but to announce it here, its with the sad news that Robert Sheehan has announced his departure from E4 cult hit Misfits!

Sheehan announced this news at last weekends Kapow! Comic Convention in London and news has made all fans of the hit show cry in despair!  His character Nathan was with out doubt the best thing in the show about teenagers on Community Service who after getting struck by lightening discover their have super powers!  Nathan himself was immortal, but it was his sexual wise-cracks and his surreal encounters he found himself in won him the hearts of fans everywhere! 

The even sadder news is that he won’t even appear in one episode of the new third series, with his departure being filmed for a strictly online story which will introduce the new character Ruby who is yet to be cast!

Speaking of the third series, Channel 4 drama’s commissioning editor Robert Wulff-Cochrane said: “We’re all very excited about the return for a third series, as well as kicking off with a groundbreaking online film. “Howard Overman [Misfits creator and writer] has created some more brilliantly surprising and original storylines and fans can rest assured that series three will begin in a way no one else could possibly imagine.”

If the show can survive the departure of Sheehan is another question with the actor himself destined for the big time!

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  1. Robert Sheehan was the major comic relief o Misfits and bounced off the other characters well. Somehow, I don’t think it’ll be the same without him.

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