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With the release of new Vampire flick Stake Land just around the corner (June 17th UK), four character ‘prequels’ have been filmed to give some insight into the films main characters. The makers of Stake Land invited directors to do the short films or them, and the actor’s from the film took time out on their days off to film the videos. The prequel for ‘Willie’ was filmed by Stake Land co-star Danielle Harris. Jebediah was filmed by Larry Fassenden, and he had this to say:

The idea was to invite some of our favorite directors to contribute to the mythology of Stake Land. Each brought their own sensibility to the world that Nick Damici and Jim Mickle created in the feature. And the actors were very gracious to work on these mini-films on their days off during the shoot, lending their talents to directors they didn’t even know. It was a tribute to their commitment and their affection for Stake Land.”

The film is directed by Jim Mickle, who directed the brilliant Mulberry Street, and is an apocalyptic tale of an America ravaged by a vampire disease. A young boy, Martin, see’s his family butchered and is taken under the guidance of an experienced Vampire hunter known only as Mister. The pair travel across America in the hope of finding the one place humanity can still call their own. Along the way new members join their group, but they all must keep a watchful eye out for Vampires, especially at night…

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