The Gerber Syndrome: Italy’s unsettling found footage virus shocker


Looks like the Italian’s are getting in on the found footage genre, and I must say their entry looks deeply disturbing and incredibly unsettling. The Gerber Syndrome is Italy’s entry into the Scf-Fi London festival, and it looks rather good!

The guys at Sci-Fi London had this synopsis for the film:

‘Take a mild dose of the rage virus from 28 Days Later, mix it up with the familiar media hysteria of swine-flu or whatever animal- based epidemic is current, add in a suburban Italian setting, and this will give you a flavour of The Gerber Syndrome.

Set in the early days of a pandemic the film follows a young doctor having to treat the daughter of a family friend following an attack by a vagrant and whose condition is rapidly deteriorating.

This narrative is undercut with footage of a Central Security operative whose job it is to round up people in the final stages of infection as they become more violent and disoriented, but also very slow- and very contagious’

I am sure you’ll agree from the trailer that this looks pretty fantastic, and I am actually a big fan of the found footage, so I am hoping for great things from this. The actual footage is filmed by a TV crew who are documenting the disease, which starts off much like the flu and is hard to spot. It moves on to affect the brain and central nervous system, nice! Anyway, the TV crew are documenting the infected daughter, the Doctor treating her and also the Central Security operative.


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