The Toolbox Murders 2: Brand new images appear online

The sequel to Tobe Hooper’s remake is done, and Fangoria had some images to share on the new film. They are here for you to see, and I must say I am a little excited about this film. Directed by Dean Jones, who worked on effects in Hooper’s remake, the film is said to be taking the story into a complete new direction, and it sounds pretty damn nasty and even sounds a little bit like the superb French shocker, Martys.

Known as The Toolbox Killer, or TBK to be precise, the film follows a young girl called Samantha (Chauntal Lewis). She receives news that her sister has been brutally murdered and the police want to ask her some questions. The Toolbox Killer gets to her first, kidnapping her and chaining her up in an abandoned warehouse. His plan is the break Samantha down so that she comes to rely on him, a sick and twisted idea which is sure to deliver torture and lots of gore. The killer punishes Samantha, and even murders other young girls in front of her. It sounds like a depraved film, but the director clearly has his reasons, and he talks very highly of what he wanted to achieve.

He told Fangoria: “I wanted to create a mystical horror story revolving around a few choice characters, focusing on the inhumanity and suffering of a woman whose faith and will to live are tested beyond average human capability. This woman is transformed into an inhuman but sympathetic character who will survive and kill, but is equally strong. I also wanted to explore this film visually, ad make it a sensory experience, using interesting and artistic cinematic techniques”

Well, I’m sold. The film is due to hit US festivals this year, and with any luck a UK release should be on the cards for the end of the year.

(Source: Fangoria)



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