This here critic needs some new pants!

Sorry, but just had to share this with you. Having just watched Daniel Stamm’s The Last Exorcism for a second time, i am not embarrassed to tell you that I quite literally shit myself! The first time I lived through this masterpiece was at the cinema, out in the big screen and surrounded by other movie goers (although some of them were bored teenagers who somewhat spoiled my enjoyment as they were clearly bored). Tonight was my first experience watching this film in the comfort of my own home. I excitedly put my Bluray copy into my PS3 in the hope the film lived up to how good it was at the cinema, and there is something quite special about watching a film you now own.

I do not intend to write a full review since I have already written one and you can find it on this very site, but what I do feel the need to share is just how bloody terrified I was. Now, lets make one thing absolutely clear, when it comes to horror it takes a lot to scare me these days as I have watched so much. I wanted to be scared again by the Last Exorcism, I sat upright, on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, knowing in my head how much I would love to be really scared again. I honestly did not expect it to have such an incredible effect, to the point I started to feel a  little shaky in my very own living room. The bastard scares have invaded my home in a way I never expected, and even writing this I still feel a little bit nervous. It’s silly, it really is, but I do love a good scare and I love it even more when its genuine fear.

There are many who did not find this film scary at all, and I guess it is not to everyone’s taste, but I adore realism and the Last Exorcism is full of it. The performances are top class, the reactions astonishingly real and the special effects masterfully produced using little effort and a female actress who can actually bend like that. And then there’s those bloody sound effects and odd bits of music here and there. Stamm has honeslty put together one of the finest horrors in years, and it is the exorcism movie to beat right now.  I feel the handheld camera idea brings a whole new level of fear to the genre, and where no doubt it will be copied, here it is inch perfect in every sense. In fact, the handheld camera enhances the experience so much you really do feel like you’re there with them!

Then there’s THAT ending, and ending which has baffled, confused and quite simply pissed off a lot of people. Watching this movie again and knowing what happens helps that scene feel less forced and more part of the actual story. Many people said it derailed too much from the plot or the realism, I believe it improves the film and leaves the viewer feeling terribly shaken up and disturbed. Personally, I feel the film ends perfectly and the whole film is a brilliant, terrific piece of work. Role on Daniel Stamm’s next move.

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