Trashorras ‘Blind Alley’, influenced by Mario Bava, brand new pics here!

Antonio Trashorras may not be all that well known, but that is soon to change. For those who don’t know, he was the writer of Guillermo Del Torro’s superb ghost story The Devil’s Backbone. Trashorras (great name by the way) has been making short movies ever since, and those films are massivley influenced by the director’s love of the classic Giallo, namely Mario Bava.

Trashorras is now making a full length feaure called Blind Alley, and I’m sure you’ll agree that looking at these couple of pictures, Bava’s and indeed Argento’s influence is all over it! I think it’s great that the Giallo can still influence so strongly so many decades on, just look at last years Amer.

The plot follows Rosa and her night of Hell at the hands of a serial killer. She finds herself trapped in an abandoned laundrette with no means of escape and with the killer closing in. After a night of cat and mouse games with the killer, and as dawn arrives, Rosa comes to realise something far more disturbing about the killers nature. Sounds good to me! There are no details as yet of a release date.

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