Van Damme’s Cyborg to be re-invented

Come on, you remember Cyborg? The1989 futuristic action film starring the ‘Muscles from Brussel’s’ Mr Jean Claude Van Damme. At the peak of his career, Van Damme played Gibson Rickenbacker (what a name!!) and he goes off on the hunt of a group of ‘pirates’ who have kidnapped a woman cyborg who contains a cure in this ravaged and messy apocalyptic land. The film may now look dated and be a bit cheesy, but dammit it was good fun back then!

Director Albert Pyun was apparently never truly happy with this film, and now wants to ‘re-invent’ the movie and create the version he always wanted. Pyun has said the following:

It will be an epic of post apocalyptic cyber punk movie filled with an Expendables type all star casting of action stars. I think it will be a  true metal classic! A violent mash up of my Cyborg and Nemesis action movies. Should begin shooting in late summer.

One to look forward to then, although I doubt if Van Damme will be back, but stranger things have happened.

By Matt Wavish (Source: Twitch)

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