Walter Hill to direct Stallone’s Headshot, Thomas Jane added to cast!

Stallone’s Headshot is making some serious news headlines right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Stallone himself can seem to do no wrong at the moment, and fair play to him I say. The guy is a legend, pure and simple, and directing and starring in movies like The Expendables, at his age, is simply incredible.

Headshot is his latest movie, which I can only assume will have to be finished before he starts work on The Expendables 2 (sulk), and already it has made some interesting news. Originally the film was due to be directed by Wayne Kramer with Stallone taking the lead part of an ageing hitman with an un-named actor playing a young cop. The two are forced to work together to take down a common enemy. Anyway, creative differences meant Kramer walked, and good luck to him. The film will now be directed by Walter Hill and I couldn’t be more pleased. I mean, a director who was there at the height of the seventies making groundbreaking movies such as The Warriors (come out to play-eee-aayy, sorry couldn’t resist that one!), and then delivering some classics in the 80’s such as 48 Hours,  Southern Comfort, Streets of Fire and Red Heat and then in the 90’s offering up such pleasures as Another 48 Hours, Last Man Standing, Trespass and Wild Bill and finally his only real movie output for the noughites was Undisputed. But still, a great action director no doubt, and he and Stallone together means a match made in Heaven!

It has now been announced that Thomas Jane has been cast to play the cop, which is even better news! Jane proved he was a great actor in the Stephen King based horror Dreamcatcher, but I  really took notice of him after his superb performance in The Mist (another Stephen King story), and since then he has been in The Punisher, Give ‘Em Hell Malone, Mutant Chronicles and Killshot. Hopefully starring next to Stallone will get him the recognition he deserves, even if he does look scarily like Christopher Lambert!

Headshot is in production as we speak, and we here at HCF will inform you of a release date as soon as one is available.


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