Brand new ‘Super 8’ TV Spots: The Monster has arrived!



After getting all the silly, family friendly trailers out the way, some brand new short TV spots have now got me officially VERY excited again! Directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg the very first mystery trailer looked full on Abrams sci-fi mystery and looked stunning. Then came the two and a half minute family orientated trailer that made me feel a bit deflated, but now comes two new TV spots that I cannot help but get excited about. Some action, finally, and even though we still can’t see the beast, we can here it and we can get an idea of it’s size in the reaction of the crowd. Once again, Super 8 is looking to be a cracking movie!

The film is about a group of youngsters who are out making a movie on their super 8 camera, they witness a train crash and soon after strange events and disappearances begin to take place in the quiet country town. The youngsters believe the crash may not have been an accident, while the local sheriff looks for clues but may not like what he finds. As for us the viewer, we will be waiting for the arrival of the monster, whatever the Hell it is!!!

Super 8 arrives in UK cinemas August 5th

By Matt Wavish



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