Check out this creepy poster for TBK: Toolbox Murders 2

Now in post-production, it should not be long to wait now for an official release date for TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2, and just to wet our appetites, a brand new poster has just been revealed. Creepy is not even the half of it, the poster is unsettling and very disturbing, and also very very good.

Director Dean Jones sequel takes place directly after the events of Tobe Hoopers remake, only this time the violence and nastiness are even stronger. The film goes more in depth into the ‘Toolbox Killers (TBK) mind as he kidnaps a young girl with a plan to punish and torture her into submission so that she comes to rely on him. To make matters worse, he also brings home other girls and murders them in front of his captive.

Here is another bit of the plot, this time from the official synopsis that covers a side-story to the torture the young girl has to endure:

Survivors Nell and Stephen continue their night of Hell as they’re rushed to the nearby Hollywood Memorial hospital. Meanwhile, next-generation , tech-savvy CSI detectives Cole and Barnes coordinate with a hard-nosed, LAPD criminal profiler McGavin to exhume TBK’s modern day tomb and uncover its origins, leading toward a shocking revelation involving old Hollywood’s seedy underground and one doctor’s secret past.

The film stars Brian Krause, Bruce Dern, Ethan Phillips, Chauntal Lewis, Allison Kyler and Christopher Doyle as the vicious Toolbox Killer, and here is that promised poster…

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