Cube and Splice director’s new sci-fi Neuromancer looks like becoming a reality

Cube and Splice director Vincenzo Natali has been toying with the idea of bringing cult sci-fi writer William Gibson’s Neuromancer to life for a while now, and after a positive reaction at Cannes, it looks like production is about to begin! William Gibson has been responsible for many sci-fi books, and he wrote Neuromancer two years after Blade Runner was made, and nearly stopped writing after seeing the classic film. Not many of his books have been made into films, and the one’s that did were not exactly successful, Johnny Mnemonic is one, and Abel Ferrara’s New Rose Hotel was another, although an X-File has also been made.

Speaking of the reaction from Cannes, Seven Arts production COO Kate Hoffman had this to say: “Response to this cult cyberspace thriller has been tremendous; the film ticks a lot of boxes with distributors. The film will be a Canadian/European co-production, with principal photography taking place in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo and London.”

The plot involves noirish plots about hackers, artificial intelligences, big powerful corporations and industrial dystopias. The story is part of the rise of ‘Cyberspace’ (a word invented by Gibson himself) and is part of the vanguard of the Cyberpunk movement It’s is part of a trilogy of books, with the other two being Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive. Work on the visual effects has already begun, with the film expected to start shooting early next year. Here is some of the press release:

Seven Arts Pictures and GFM Films announced today that “Neuromancer,” written and directed by Vincenzo Natali and adapted from the William Gibson best-selling novel, has secured sales from distributors in the first three days of Cannes. Territories licensed include: South Korea and Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, CIS, Poland, and the Middle East. […] Work on the visual effects has already begun, with an anticipated start date in the first quarter of 2012
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  1. Finally!!!! I can see the movie that should of been made years and years ago. I hope that this is a Major Motion Picture and not the two mini-treatments we had to live through.Oh, by the way,don’t fool around with the script too much either.


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