Dario Argento has cast his Dracula

Legendary director Dario Argento is favoured by just about everyone who writes for this site, and so any news on his new Dracula 3D film will be welcomed with open arms by everyone here, and I do hope readers feel the same about the great man. The rumours of Argento’s take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula story broke a year or so ago, and were finally confirmed late last year. Just recently I revealed a lengthy plot and some of the cast, but news todays has come of Argento’s choice for Dracula himself.

That man is Thomas Kretschmann, and if you are ot sure who he is think if the Captain of the ship that went to the Island in Peter Jackson’s King King remake, Cross in Wanted or Major Cain in Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Still not sure? Then take  a look at the following photo. I think this is a great choice as Thomas does give off a certain level of mystery, and his accent will serve the part well. This is shaping up to be an incredible film, with Rutger Hauer, Marta Gastini, Migeul Angel Silvestre and Miriam Giovanelli set to star, and an Argento film would not be complete without the inclusion of his gorgeous daughter Asia.

There is no news yet of a release date, but we are watching this one like a hawk!

By Matt Wavish

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