Eric Balfour to direct comic book adaptation ‘Jesus Hates Zombies’

The actor from Skyline, Dinoshark and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake who has an extraordinarily long face has decided to get behind the camera for his next movie. Eric Balfour is set to adapt popular comic series ‘Jesus Hates Zombies’ into a full length movie. The comic is written by Stephen Lindsay and was published by Android and Alterna Comics. Here is the synopsis:

In a not so distant future, zombies have overrun the earth. Fearing for the future of humanity, God sends his son Jesus Christ to save humanity. Upon returning, he finds that his powers are greatly diminished as they are tied to others’ faith in him. So he sets out to find the last remaining faithful and rally them to his cause.

Along the way he comes across various friends including Mother Theresa, Elvis Presley, a stripper named King, and a time traveling Abraham Lincoln, who brings his own problem along. Werewolves.

Sounds like great fun, and if done right, could be one of the cult films of next year. Lets hope, and pray!

By Matt Wavish

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