Gaspar Noe’s latest movie to be the Golden Suicides?

How I love Gaspar Noe’s genius work. I Stand Alone is a tour de force of paranoia and built up anger that is frightening and chilling, Irreversible is one of the most important films of the last two decades, and one of the best too (if you can stomach it) and having recently watched Enter the Void (find my review on this site) there is no doubt in my mind that Noe is one of the finest director’s in the world today. So, the news that he just might be getting behind the camera again is very pleasing to me indeed!

Originally set to be directed by Gus Van Sant, it would now seem that he is happy just to provide the screenplay, along with help from Brett Easton Ellis. The screenplay is done, and Chris Hanley and Jordan Gertner of production companies Muse and Hero are currently selling the ideas at Cannes. The story of the Golden Suicides is as follows:

The Golden Suicides stems from a Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales, and is based on the true story of the double suicide of Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan, popular New York artists who, for reasons unknown, became increasingly paranoid that they were being conspired against by the US government and the church of Scientology. Duncan overdosed on Tylenol in July 2007, and Blake is believed to have drowned himself in the Atlantic a week later. (Source: Empire)

So there you have it, and the good news is is that Noe is drawn to dark, violent and powerful stories, and also it would seem that Brett Easton Ellis has a fondness for the darker side of life too, so this could well be a match made in Heaven (or Hell). I will update you of any further news on this project.

By Matt Wavish

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