Guillermo Del Toro to direct monster movie ‘Pacific Rim’

With all the ups and downs and budget problems with Del Toro’s version of HP Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness, that film is sadly not happening right now. However, Del Toro fans rejoice!! The genius director is finally heading back into the director’s chair with an equally brilliant sounding movie Pacific Rim!

Influenced by the Japanese ‘mecha’ culture where humans grow machinery from their bodies, Pacific Rim has already bagged it’s first star. Charlie Hunnam, of Son’s of Anarchy, is in talks to star in the movie being released by Legendary Pictures. Everything is hush hush right now, but rumours are that Hunnam will be playing one of the pilots of giant robots designed to protect the Earth. Here is what I know of the synopsis:

Cities and nations on the Pacific Coast are under attack by aliens and humanity must act quick to stop them. Giant robots are developed to help fight off the aliens and save mankind.

Sounds right up Del Toro’s street. We will keep you informed of any other news relating to this project.

By Matt Wavish

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