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Its been a while since I sat down and wrote my weekly column for your guys and its you lot I blame!  The last two weeks have seen HorrorCultFilms go crazy with many newcomers joining our site and our viewing figures going crazy so its been all hands on deck at the office and sadly my column has had to be put in the backburner!  All I can say to our readers though is Thank you!

It seems that we have struck a chord with many fans out there and for that we are grateful that you have found us and most of all, given us a chance in these early days of HCF!  We are the newcomers in this competitive market but we are determined to be the first source you come to when you want news, reviews, interviews and many other features that you could possibly want!

Our determination has paid off fantastically this week with two exclusive interviews from rising stars of the film world, Elias Matar the director of the wonderful Ashes and Damn Your Eyes director David Guglielmo who also let us include the very film in his interview for you to watch!

We all at HorrorCultFilms would like once again so say a huge thank you to these two incredible talented duo who are destined for great things and if you have somehow missed these outstanding reads then follow the links here!

Elias Matar Interview: https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/05/horror-cult-films-exclusive-an-interview-with-ashes-director-elias-matar/

David Guglielmo: https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/05/horror-cult-films-exclusive-an-interview-with-david-guglielmo/

Not just happy bringing you the these exclusive interviews, we have been working hard updating our usual features with myself trying to do the stupid thing of reviewing every single slasher film ever made.  I have already started with StageFright, Blood Night and Valentine, all three have been giving the Slash treatment and Urban Legend and Malevolence are all set to follow!  Follow the link here!


Darren has continued to amaze us with his unique findings and taste, bringing us at te office and you the readers hidden gems that may have missed you radar.  This week he has reviewed another Cult Classic in Death Warrior https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/05/cult-classics-4-death-warrior/ and he has also done a HCF first by giving us an insight into the unknown genre of audio terror.  Its  a feature you all have to read which suggests that there is a more wider range of horror out there that just not come into book or film genre.  His review The Weir his here and its a must read https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/05/audio-terror-1-the-weir/

And there is more!

Do not forget our CultTV section bringing you the latest reviews of such shows like Doctor Who and Psychoville https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/category/cult-tv-2/

And also more Video games reviews from Juanvasquez which includes updates from classics like the PS1 game Apocalypse and also his look back of the Final Fantasy Games


And there is loads more to find and importantly more to come, with another two exclusive interviews planned for the next month, all in all it confirms the fact that HCF is growing and its thanks to our readers for making all of this possible!

Have a nice bank holiday whatever you are going to do!  I have to cut short the usual long Hacked To Pieces just for this week due to the crazy work behind the scenes, but I will leave you a just a little bit of my usual view of the news.


Bit harsh but with only a few remaining horror classics left to dig out for the re-make treatment (awaiting any day for news of a Shining re-make starring Ryan Reynolds), it seems that the studio executives have set their eyes on the fantastic Carrie film that once again makes me shudder with fear!  Does the Carrie film need a re-make? Did Halloween, Psycho, and all the other films Kirby screamed out in Screa4m? But we are living in an age where re-boot is the in thing and once you hear the words “we are thinking of doing a re-imagine” then you know you are only a year away from being very disappointed!

If we are going to have a Carrie re-make then please, please not Megan Fox!  I have nothing against this beautiful actress (apart from the dodgy films she appears in) but she is so wrong for the role that already the negative feeling towards this idea is surfacing!

An insider said this about Fox’s plans: “Megan is a huge fan of the original and would love the chance to play the lead. She’s 25 now but she’s sure she could still do justice to teenage Carrie.” How?  For a start she is just to beautiful to be in the role of a young girl whose gets bullied in school and that no boy likes!  I mean if you see her in school would you think, “Damn she is ugly?”.  I think not, and the reason why the original works is that it built such an incredible feeling of sympathy towards this young girl so when the terror stars you are o
n here side even though it makes you feel uncomfortable!  Megan will probably be good as the queen bitch of the school, but what Carrie 2012 needs is a young girl who vulnerability makes you feel for her, not an actress who was recently named the sexiest woman in the world!  And besides after the awful Carrie 2, is there an audience for this new horror?


Its been a hard six months for Wes Craven what with the critical mauling of My Soul To Take and the flop of Scre4m in America!  I am not going to go into to the Ghostface debate again, I have spent too much time defending that movie but I do feel sorry for the legend that is Wes. I was quite harsh with My Soul To Take, its a movie that suffered because you probably expected more at the time and the fact you wanted it to be a new Scream, and while its nowhere near as bad has the mauling its taken, Wes has created such a expectancy around his films that even when they are decent, the fans do not like because they expected to be blown away!

That is the price he has to pay for creating such icons for horror in the shape of Freddy and Ghostface, everyone is expecting the next big thing and while he will return for Scream 5 alongside Williamson simply because they are contracted to do so, I will not be too surprised if Wes has one more big film in him that will once again have all those knocking him, begging for forgiveness!

E-Mails Of The Week!

“Totally love that Damn Your Eyes Short Film, any news of when the full length be out?” Darren24

No news yet mate, but you can read more about the film in our exclusive interview with the director, just follow the link above!

“What a Site, love the work guys, keep it up” Jackebob

Thank you and just think there is more to come!”

Words heard in the HCF Office this week! “Maybe we should change your name to The Big Bald Stalker!”

And Finally!

Started to enjoy The Chicago Code, a new American Tv Cop Show and only two episodes in, found out the American studio have already axed it!  So why bother to watch it now!  Can someone explain to them that the reason that many Americans are not bothering tuning in to to new programmes anymore is because of the axe culture that leaves fans upset and frustrated having invested so much time in the story to see it axed with no reason!  Until the big bosses show restrain and respect, the figures for all new shows will continue to fall leaving nothing but low ratings, low income for the studio and more cheaply made TV shows.  That sound you hear is the death bell sounding as the bubble is all set to burst on what has been a golden age for TV!

Until Next Time…..

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  1. Nice Hacked to Pieces again you Big Bald Stalker, quoting me is always gonna win you brownie points mate so I shall put the axe away for another week! 😉 I have the same issue with Megan Fox as Carrie, she’s too damn hot and it is a silly idea! Good week again this week, but you forgot to mention my planned Top Horror Moments Poll (where did I put that axe?)

  2. Oh dear, I knew I shouldn’t have got up! Carrie remake? Megan Fox? Ugh! And I don’t even think she’s hot, just a brainless bimbo who can’t act.

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