HCF SLASHERTHON: The Ultimate Guide to All Slash&Stalk Horror Films By Ross Hughes

Its well known around HorrorCultFilms that I am a full slash fanatic who likes nothing more than seeing dumb teenagers getting hacked to pieces by a nut job holding a knife, machete, axe or anything else these mad psycho’s can get their hands on!  It must be because the first film I sat down to watch was none other than Halloween!  Being a young child and seeing a soulless mad man in a William Shatner mask going around stalking poor babysitters made me cry long into my Superted teddy bear, but I also loved being taken to that edge, getting scared was more fun and a lot easier when you are a child so I guess that is why Halloween is held in such high esteem in my horror heart!  It also helped that when I was growing up the Slash boom was in full effect!  Not a week went past when a new film would come out, copying the blueprint of John Carpenter’s master-piece, offering a new bogeyman to the genre and by the time I hit the age of 13, my mind was already filled with visions of such delights like Sleepaway Camp to Slumber Party Massacre! 
I remember the old Video stores around my way were awash of cardboard cut outs of films that seduced my horror mind!  Even though its probably one of the worst sequels of all time, one of my strong memories of a child is seeing  that yellow bus at the edge of the cliff with the face of Freddy Kruger staring back at me right by the front of the door of the rental shop, an image that terrified me more than the Elm St 2 film itself! 
What an era to grow up in!  It seemed every week my mother would come home with yet another Friday 13th film and there I sat open eyed and excited has Jason once more rose from the depths of Camp Crystal LakeAlso and what stunned me that as soon has the Slash boom faded into the mist, with everyone sick and tired of the many Freddy films hitting the market, and those who took great delight in seeing this genre die a slow death, were then rocked to the core when Scream was born, and for me hitting the age of 19 saw a new wave of slash which preoccupied my young adult years! 

With these memories and a new found need to seek out films long forgotten, I am going to embark and a ridiculous mission to watch and review every single Slash film ever made!  To give the ultimate list to all those newcomers who are trying to seek out golden oldies of long gone past, or for the new on the block horrors that are trying to re-capture the boom of long ago!
 This is going to be hard and long and because its Slash and the amount of films to go through is stunning, and if you reading this mission with great interest then that means you also share a love for these kind of films so you can understand why I have to review and rate these different!  There will not be star ratings at the bottom because I love these films no matter how poor they are!  So what I am going to do is rate them using Jason as a guide!  Take a look!

 undefinedundefinedundefined SLASHTASTIC!
undefinedundefined  A Cut Above The Rest!
undefinedFor Slash Fans Only!

I will also rate the mask (if they are wearing any) and also the best kill of the film!  When I start the films will be in no pariticular order, so I hope you enjoy this column, a task that will take forever to complete and please if you want to leave any comments or have a discussion then go to the Forum where you will see a thread where you can air your views!
 Have fun and please…….have nightmares

If you would like to see a Slash film of your choice being given the Hughes Treatment then please send in your requests here: rosshugheshcf@hotmail.co.uk

The first film will be up soon!

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Since my mother sat me down at the age of five years of age and watched a little called Halloween, I have been hooked on horror. There is no other genre that gets me excited and takes me to the edge of entertainment. I watch everything from old, new, to cheap and blockbusters, but I promise all my readers that I will always give an honest opinion, and I hope whoever reads this review section, will find a film that they too can love as much as I do! Have fun reading, and please DO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!

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