Holy crap, Lost’s Ben is back in JJ Abrams produced TV show ‘Person of Interest’. See the promo video here!


Yep, that is Ben from Lost in a new TV series produced by JJ Abrams, written by Jonah Nolan brother to a certain Christopher) and directed by David Semel. To use his real name, Losts Michael Emerson plays Finch, the head of a secret Government organisation tasked with stopping crimes before they happen. James Caviezel plays ex CIA hitman Reese whom scientist and project head Finch wants to recruit.

The show looks very Minority Report, and Emerson even hints at some sci-fi elements to the show in the clip. The trailer looks rather good, and with Abrams involved I doubt it will be quite as clear cut as the trailer makes out. The show is due to begin on US TV sometime in October this year.

By Matt Wavish

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