In no rush to make Scream 5, Wes Craven takes the Summer off

Poor fella, it has not been Craven’s best year so I reckon a well earned break is in order, to revitalise and have a think about what to do next. His My Soul To Take was dreadful, and received some of the worst reviews I have seen so far this year, me included, and Scream 5 did not perform as expected and pretty much flopped in the US. It fared slightly better here in the UK but was certainly not the horror phenomenon we were all expecting. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Craven said this:

“I’m taking the summer off,” he said adding, I directed and produced, and my wife produced, both SCREAM 4 and the previous film, MY SOUL TO TAKE, and they were both very difficult films. So we just decided, ‘You know what? We’re going to spend the summer someplace nice and not think about film for a while.'”

I believe he  needs the break, and possibly tried too hard this year. Scream 5 can wait, there is no rush for it right now, and Craven seems not that interested unless writer Kevin Williamson returns to script, which could be an issue considering he had a massive fall out with Dimension Films head Harvey Weinstein. So who knows what will happen. Maybe a few months off to not think about films may bring some fresh ideas to Craven, maybe he’ll get his gift back, and just maybe he still has one more ‘New Nightmare’ up his sleeve. Only time will tell.

By Matt Wavish

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