Intruders teaser trailer: prepare to be scared!


Well i must say, that trailer looked delightfully nerve jangling, and what else would you expect from Spanish director Juan Carlos Frenadillo’s, the man responsible for the brilliant 28 Weeks Later. His latest film was made a year ago, and shot in London. Starring Clive Owen, it looks pretty damned unsettling, and looks set to continue the Spanish onslaught on the horror market after director’s have given us such gems as The Orphanage, Hiero, Pan’s Labyrinth and (Rec).

Intruders is set around an eleven year old girl who is dealing with childhood Demons which reappear to scare the Hell out of her family. Clive Owen plays her Father, and being such a strong and powerful actor, i imagine it would take a lot to scare him. See, this could work really well i reckon, if Clive Owen gets to a point in the film where he is truly scared, surely the people watching will be twice as scared? I can see this film being an absolute corker of a psychological horror!

The film is set to hit UK cinemas October 7th this year, be warned!

By Matt Wavish

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