Iron Sky: Brand new teaser trailer declares “We Come in Peace!”, yeh right


It’s been a long time coming, but with a brand new teaser trailer just released, things are looking very promising indeed for the highly anticipated sci-fi action/comedy Iron Sky. Marks my words, this film will be HUGE and as if the trailer won’t wet your appetites enough,  have included two posters and an image of a rather fine looking Nazi woman.  There is still no news of a release date, but oh boy this is yet another film I will be all over like white on rice! I cannot wait for this, and let me now share with you some of the official press release (courtesy of Twitch)

The Moon Nazi Film Iron Sky Gets a Release Date And a New Teaser

12-May-2011 Cannes, France — Iron Sky, the Finnish-German-Australian dark scifi comedy, has released a new teaser titled “We Come In Peace!”
The teaser also reveals the film’s release date: 4 April 2012. Iron Sky has been in production for five years and during that time it has done pioneering work on collaborating with the audience on content creation, publicity and funding the film.

Iron Sky completed principal photography in Germany and Australia this winter. Unlike the first two, CGI-heavy teasers, the third teaser gives audiences a glimpse of the live action, actors and dialogue.

“Iron Sky has been a huge undertaking, and I’m happy that we have wrapped it – and I think the end result is excellent”, said the director of Iron Sky, Timo Vuorensola. “Our adventures with Iron Sky have taken us from Finland through Germany to Australia, and back – and we’ve had a blast. We are still facing a long and interesting post production process with the visual effects, music and sound, but I can already toast the whole crew and our internet audience for one hell of a job they’ve done!”

“It’s finally becoming real. I can’t wait for next April to get it out there for our fans,” said the producer of Iron Sky, Tero Kaukomaa of Blind Spot Pictures. “It’s also very nice to get the new teaser out with live action, and to continue the very successful crowd investing scheme launched at Cannes last year. That initiative is on the brink of reaching half a million euros, which makes it a major success.”

Iron Sky is currently in post production and the first rounds of editing are finished. Energia Productions, the company behind the visual effects of the film, are busy crunching together the space battles, computer generated sets and other CGI effects in Tampere, Finland.

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